A picture of the Ascension Choir
The Ascension Choir

The Ascension Choir is provides musical leadership in all of the principal services throughout the year and is usually more than ten percent of the congregation present.  Its members include adults, paid student section leaders, and interested young persons grades four and above.

It has more than two hundred and fifty anthems, motets, and carols in its active repertoire. All principal services have featured an anthem or motet at the offertory. If the principal service is Morning Prayer, the Choir also sings at least one choral canticle and an Anglican Chant psalm.

Other accomplishments include:

  • A program for Alabama Day at the National Cathedral.
  • Performances of Fauré’s “Requiem,” Handel’s “Messiah” Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms and Lauridsen’s “Lux Eterna with members of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.
  • “Lessons and Carols” in both Advent and Christmas forms.
  •  Choral settings of the Mass, “kneeling anthems” and other elements of the rich, diverse Anglican repertoire.

The leadership of the Ascension Choir in the life of the parish goes well beyond music, with choir members involved in virtually every other ministry of the parish. The choir is well represented on the vestry and choir members have frequently been wardens.

The gift of musical events to the community is seen as a vital part of the parish’s ministry and outreach and Ascension frequently hosts and/or combines with other ensembles for such presentations. This ministry is supported by the Ascension Special Music fund. Find the current schedule on the Concerts Page

The congregation, visitors, our bishops, and members of the musical community frequently express praise and thanksgiving for Ascension and its music. It is not surprising then, that music is a major attraction at Ascension and plays an active role in bringing new members into the congregation.